Cymarc Frame Protectors

Getting back into motorbikes again has been surprisingly fun…

…I have already put a few thousand miles on the clock in just a few months and with that a small amount of tinkering to suit my height or riding style or, in this case, to protect the frame and radiator from scuffs, chips and stones.

A bit of digging around found Mark of Cymarc Bike Parts and he’s a genuine guy, really helpful and produces some quality parts; plus he kicked me to respray the frame before I fitted them so that it would look its best – glad I did too.  Thick stainless steel with great instructions, no sharp edges and a couple of rubber bumpers “if” the radiator grill has any vibration; mine did, but not all do (depends on the bike) and the bumpers cured it immediately.

The light was already failing by the time that I got these shots and have some plans for some flash photography at a later date (and a good clean).  It’s really smartened up the bike and can very much recommend his work, Shelly also managed to organise it so that I had it within a week too. Awesome.